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Introduction to the Towns

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Dongshan Township


Dongguashan (Wax Gourd Mountain)

Land Area

78.0175 km²




24 villages, 469 neighborhoods



Dongshan Township sits in the southeast of the Lanyang Plain against the mountains and facing the Pacific Ocean, at 121.45 E, and 24.3735 N. It is bordered by Datong and Nan'ao Townships in the south, Sanxing in the west, and Su'ao in the east. In the north, it is connected to Luodong, Wujie and 4 other towns.




The hilly terrain has greatly aided in the establishment of the tea industry at Dongshan Township. Facing the changing nature of local industry, the traditional tea making industry within Dongshan Township has been developed into high grade agriculture and tourist farms. Because of the wide tracts of mountains and woods, Dongshan Township features a great diversity of natural attractions including Xinliao and Jiuliao Waterfalls, Plum Blossom Lake, Dongshan River Forest Park, Annong River Flood-Diversion weir, Renshan Nursery Garden. In recent years, local farmers have attempted to combine these natural attractions with the local tea industry by promoting recreational farms, recreational tea gardens, country cuisine, and tourist fruit orchards to attract more visitors and to promote the name of Dongshan Township. In addition to recreational agriculture, with the assistance from Dongshan Farmers' Association, local farmers were able to develop more local farm products including the Sanshui Pear, Wendan Pomelos, Honey Peach, and Chinese Yam. Dongshan Township also holds a Dongshan Township Industry Festival to promote local specialties.


Historical Description


During the Qing Dynasty, Han settlers entered and cleared today's Nanxing, Anping and Dongshan Villages. Dongshan Township was originally named Dongguashan (Wax Gourd Mountain) because of the wax gourd-shaped mountain within Anping Village. In 1875, Dongshan came under the administration of the Taipei Government of Fujian Province. In 1886, it was under the administration of the Yilan Hall, Taipei Government, Taiwan Province. After the Japanese occupied Taiwan, it was administered by Luodong County, Taipei State. After the war, it was re-named Dongshan Township under the administration of Luodong District, Taipei County. It was not until 1950 it was put under the administration of Yilan County.