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Yilan County Flower
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Yilan County Flower


On November 3rd, 1984, the Yilan County Government's 260th Administration Meeting selected the Multiflower Orchid to be Yilan's county flower. Multiflower Orchids are fragrant, elegant, unique, and artistic. It is not surprising that they are popular subjects for artists and poets. The Yilan climate with its mild temperatures and humidity is ideal for cultivating many types of orchids. Many varieties of orchids are cultivated in the county. Multiflower Orchids are mostly used for decorative purposes in homes, offices, and public areas.


About the Multiflower Orchid

Scientific Name:

Cymbidium Faberi


Ground orchid, short stems, upward slanting, pseudobulb

Characteristics of the leaves:

long oval shape, pointed head, fine teeth on the upper part

Flower Stem:

straight stems, usually flowers 5 to 10 flowers


white with purplish-red strips, flowers around May and June


plant in a mixture of peat and snakewood chips, favors warm and humid environments, prefers shade.


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