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Governing Philosophy-Policy

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County Magistrate Lin, Zi-Miao’s administration blueprint


County Magistrate Lin, Zi-Miao's administration blueprint description.
Striving to create a better living environment in Yilan with priority on people's lively hood and economy.
Theme(Three-pronged approach to new administration) inculde:
Citizens' welfare, Economic development, Environmental sustainability.
Dimension inculde:
Citizens' welfare inculde: Child care, Elderty care, Women's rights, Social welfare, Quality education, Youth empowerment, indigenous citizens.
Economic development inculde: Speciality agriculture, Industry revitalization, Tourism, Urban-rural development, Transportion.
Environmental sustainability inculde: Culture, Smart environment, Environmental safety, Waterfront hometown, Disaster prevention.


In an effort to let 460,000 county citizens live and work in Yilan, Zi-Miao has built on the successful “Luodong Experience” to propose the “Striving to create a better living environment in Yilan with priority on people's lively hood and economy” administration vision. Furthermore, the three-pronged approach of “citizens' welfare, economic development, and environmental sustainability” will be implemented to create a brighter future together with the county citizens.

1. Promote public childcare services and free school lunch.

2. Create a golden economic corridor.

3. Protect Yilan's environment.

The county government will endeavor to establish sound childcare services supported by various benefits in order to let our youths mature, create families and have children with peace of mind, as well as allow their offspring to grow up amid a joyful ambiance. At the same time, we will establish a golden economic corridor with nearby municipalities so that our younger generation can successfully start their businesses and seek employment in Yilan, in turn breathing new life into the economy of Yilan. We believe that only by safeguarding Yilan’s magnificent environment will we guarantee the future of our children.