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Introduction to the Towns

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Zhuangwei Township



Land Area

35.3014 km²




14 villages, 222 neighborhoods



Located at the northeast part of Yilan County, in the center of the Lanyang Plain coast, Zhuangwei Township borders the Pacific Ocean to the east, Toucheng Township to the north, Jiaoxi Township and Yilan City to its northwest, and Wujie Township to its south.




Located at the center of the Lanyang Plain coastline, Zhuangwei Township is blessed with abundant agricultural product year round. Green onions in spring, melons in summer, migrant birds in the fall, and garlic in the winter give Zhuangwei an unique rustic landscape following the change of the seasons. Through the operation of recreational farms and combining with local farm products and scenic spots, the farmers have successfully increased their income.


Historical Description


Minzhuangwei was the old name of Zhuangwei Township. Looking into the history of this town, in the early days it was inhabited mainly by the Kavalan Pingpu Tribes. In the early Jiaging Emperor reign of the Qing Dynasty, Wu Sha's son Wu Guang Yi followed in his fathers footsteps and led a group of people to open and explore the now Zhuangwei area. When the land was explored, it was divided into small lots and given to those who helped exploring the land as a reward. That was how Zhuangwei got its name. In the early 19th century, Lin Ming Zhan who came with Wu Sha from Mainland China chose this area as a base to expand and cultivate the land. The soil here is fertile, however there were no natural defensive barriers of which the people could use to protect themselves with. To strengthen their defensive power, strong young people were selected for guard duty. In the process of exploring the land, routes were named as Zhuangyi (strong No. 1), Zhuanger (strong No.2) and Zhuangwu (strong No. 5) showing proof of this unique self-defense system.