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County Hall

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     Yilan is a county blessed with natural beauty and a rich culture. It is home to a diverse population and the government concerned with maintaining the beauty of the county. Yilan's strength lies in its community. Through active participation and strong cooperation between its citizens and government, county decisions can be made that fulfill the needs of the county and its members. Working together, the community of Yilan will create a successful future.


     Yilan County Hall was designed and constructed with this sense of community in mind. Its new image strives to replace the unfriendly stereotype of the traditional public administration building with that of a welcoming center open to the public.


     Artistic yet high-tech, the building promises to become a local attraction. Designed to complement the natural beauty of Yilan, its visitors will be rewarded with a spectacular view of Turtle Island from the building's rooftop observation deck. At Yilan County Hall, all visitors are honored guests.

     The design of the space and facilities of the building reflects a traditional cultural past. This merging of past and present styles reminds all of Yilan's rich past as it moves towards to a prosperous future.
The design of the space and facilities of the building
Relocation History of Yilan’s County Government
     Built during the end of the Qing Dynasty, the construction of the Kavalan Government Building, as the building was once called. It established Yilan as a territory within the national government's governing region. During the Japanese occupation, the building was now known as the Yilan Government Building which served as the colonial government's center of power. After the restitution, the holds of the previous two county governments faded and Yilan strengthened its own vision and influence.
the Yilan Government Building Evolution
* (National Government) Yilan County Government / 1950
* (After Rebuilding) Yilan County Government / 1970
County Government Center Urban Area

     The County Government Center-Urban Area was designed to complement the relocation of the administration building. The area covers approximately 238 hectares in total. The main development sector, which features a fair amount of public facilities, occupies 112 hectares of the area. The atmosphere of this sector is green, friendly, and urban. The area is suitable for work, living, and recreation.

     Located in the heart of the planned area, Yilan County Hall is joined by the relocated County Council Building, the Local Court, and the District Attorney's Office. Together, these buildings comprise the main administration center of the County Government Center-Urban Area and establish the area within the structures of modern democratic political models of urban planning.


People First: Easy Access


     Yilan County Hall has 29 exits. This not only provides visitors with easy access to the building, but also breaks its past image of a heavily guarded public administration building. The atmosphere inside is comfortable and amiable, with plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and water. The interior was designed with a "people first" mentality. This can be seen by the people-friendly facilities, such as the main lobby, the center yard, and the rooftop garden, which are all open to the public for leisure, waiting, and relaxation.

Yilan County Hall outdoornot heavily guarded public administration building


A Green Experience: One with Nature

     Yilan County Hall blends in with its natural surroundings. Visitors can relax in the rooftop garden or in the basement's partially outdoor terrace and enjoy the greenery of the adjacent hills or the sunset in the surrounding pond. A stop in the "Union Strength Square" promises a view of Turtle Island in the east. Whether one comes to the building for business or pleasure, a natural experience is guaranteed.

Localized Design: A Mix of Sun, Wind, and Rain

     The building was designed to benefit from the local climate. Sunshine and rainfall are directed into the center yard. The windmill-shaped plain and natural well create a "chimney" effect, resulting in well-ventilated spaces within the building. Conventional local construction materials were used to give the impression of a South Fukien-style house, with slanted eaves, a tile roof, brick walls, and a porch. The design is warm and inviting unlike traditional government buildings of the past.


Art Meets Nature: Memories of Our Past

     The "Union Strength Monument" delivers a powerful impression of Yilan's past. Surrounding the monument are giant cypress trees. At the entrance, there is a screen panel of Japanese cypresses is on display. Yilan's history and heritage are presented on calligraphy tablets and sculptures exhibited in the center hallway as memories of the county's past.

Yilan's history and heritage are presented on calligraphy tablets and sculptures exhibited in the center hallway


High-tech communication:Intelligent communication

     Yilan County Hall maintains high standards of technology, efficiency, quality, and environmental safety. Advanced planning concepts, such as building management automation and office automation, are underway. Communication is another highly regarded standard. County members and visitors can access information about the county government through the Internet. With its Website, the county government joins the real-time flow of information around the globe.

Yilan County Hall Roof viewYilan County Hall First floor view