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Yilan County Logo

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Yilan County symbol

Round Shape

A round shape represents a physically balanced state. This symbolizes Yilan's desire for balanced development in industry, commerce, culture, and the environment. It also represents dynamic energy and action, which reflect the positive and enterprising spirit of the people of Yilan.

Green Color on the Upper Left Corner

This color signifies the unique geographic features of Yilan County - green mountains and blue oceans.

A Gradation of Blue on the Right

The Ru-Yi pattern painted on the right resembles gently rolling waves. This symbolizes Yilan's geographic relationship with the ocean. It also implies the incessant progress of life and growth for generations to come. The tip of the pattern is closed in this representation to signify the county's future prospects.

Turtle Island

Turtle Island is depicted above the rolling waves on the right. This touch of paint adds a sense of dynamic energy stemming from the waves. Turtle Island is not only an important county landmark but is also a symbol for courage and clear direction.