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Foreigner Services

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Foreigners Living in Yilan Consultancy Service Net

Our counter provides a laptop for foreign people to make use of the “Foreigners Living in Yilan Consultancy Service Net”. This service net contains Yilan's natural landscapes, introduction to unique humanistic customs, guide for foreign people, including daily information related to food, medication, housing, transportation, education and entertainment, etc. in Yilan. Besides, the website also links to other websites related to daily services, providing diversified and abundant information that enables the foreign people to get familiar with Yilan soon after arrival. Moreover, in case you get confused searching from so much information, this service net classifies the contents according to the needs of different identities such as visitors, residents, foreign labors and foreign spouses to facilitate use and search. The service also includes the “Chinese Classroom” column that teaches the foreign people to use basic Chinese for greetings, shopping, accommodation, transportation and emergency rescue.