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Foreigner Services

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Full-time foreign language consultancy services

  When foreigners come to Yilan and is are in urgent need of help to solve daily problems such as sightseeing and leisure activities, accommodation, food and drinks, shopping, business investments, schooling, education, child -care, medical services & healthcare, transportation, labor and healthcare insurance, taxation, cultural participation, environmental protection, safety, house rentals and purchases, employment and foreign spouses, etc., they may use the full-time foreign language consultancy services from our counter to solve their problems immediately. The counter in the citizens' service center of the county government combines the services of taxation, law, labor administration, household administration, land administration, voluntary workers, social administration and business. In addition, the counter provides an online querying list of the general register of national properties, house tax registration certificates, reissuing house tax and land price tax payments, as well as issuing other related certificates and handling, queries regarding related tax information.


  Foreigners can also register and arrange free attorney consultancy and help by contacting the “Legal Aid Foundation. There is also employment consultancy (including help for mentally and physically disabled persons), verification for employers terminating employment relationships with Type II foreigners, foreign labor consultancy services, labor management dispute cases, labor pension consultancy services, industrial unions, craft unions, employee welfare committees, and disadvantaged labor family support services.


  Multiple auxiliary services for labor education are available as well as, household certificate transcripts, household administration services consultancy, land register transcript, land administration services consultancy, county government agency guide services, photocopying of guides, diversified blood pressure measurement services, taxi call services, guides  to government agencies around and affiliated to the county government, ticket change certificates for people returning home but short of traveling funds, applications for allowances from the physical disability fund, social institution application, and service contact consultancy by the social division as well as ten major services from the counter to provide various high quality living consultancy services simultaneously.