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Yilan Origin

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Infrastructure and Flood Prevention  Because hurricanes and floods are common occurrences in Yilan, management of the mountainous terrain and flood prevention became important administrative objectives. Construction of reinforcement measures for landslide mitigation by the county government significantly reduced the damage caused by flooding in Yilan.

  Major changes in education were also taking place. In 1968, a compulsory education of six years was extended to nine years. Every post-war county magistrate in Yilan stressed the importance of education and the nurturing of talent. Beginning in 1954, the Yilan County managed to build at least one junior high school in every village and township in as little as ten years despite its financial straits. The number of students enrolled was sufficient to encompass every elementary school graduate within the county.

  After 1987, the main objective in the development of Yilan lay in environmental protection and conservation, culture and tourism. These goals break free of old ideas characterized by "construction before everything" widely held by local governments in Taiwan. Over the years, the people of Yilan have consistently exhibited the highest sense of pride and honor in all Taiwan. It is fair to conclude that these administrative measures enjoy a high level of support amongst the residents of Yilan.