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2022 Yilan International Children's Play Art Festival "Cool Le Yi Xia - Time and Space Exploration" Rich in Content and Upgraded From morning to night, it is exciting!​​

Date: 2022-07-06    

2022 Yilan International Children's Play Art Festival

  The 2022 Yilan International Children's Art Festival is scheduled to be held from July 2 to August 14 at Dongshan River Water Park in Yilan County. This year, with the theme of "Cool and Summer", from the welcome installation of "Space-Time Explorer", to the technology interactive theme exhibition hall, water play facilities, as well as the parent-child exploration theater of realistic technology dinosaurs and the joyful entertainment on the street, all are close Deducting the main axis of the "Space-time Exploration" activity, plus the rich content of the first domestic high-altitude three-dimensional light and water dance show at night, as well as the performance of professional teams at home and abroad, we must let everyone play from morning to night, and play again and again.

  The highlights of this year's Children's Play Festival include cool interactive technology experiences, from the "Space-Time Explorer" with a spaceship-shaped welcome installation, to the themed pavilions "I-Lan Fun City Racing", "Super-Space Training Station", " "Drawing Forest Pavilion" and BABY Parent-Child Pavilion "Planet Paradise" both add technological elements and virtual reality real-time interaction to create a new sensory experience that combines art, education and creativity. In addition, this year's game section has cool cooling water play facilities, which are also built with the concept of time and space exploration, such as "SPA radar station", "UFO speed slide", "jet water stage", "water slide" , "Planet Exploration Platform", etc., so that when people enjoy the thrill of the slide and the water splash, they can also feel the new water charm as if they are in an interstellar space-time water park. There is also a "space-time teleportation station" that combines challenging and exciting extreme physical exercise, a "high-altitude bicycle" can experience an 80-meter boundless field of vision, and a "high-altitude gliding" of up to 200 meters in the air is the thrill of a trapeze, transporting tourists. to different time and space.

  In the performance part, this year, in addition to inviting folk performance teams from Sri Lanka, Thailand and other countries to Taiwan, and carefully selected Yilan County and domestic well-known art teams, they also added international professional teams to perform. Prince Oboe Cai Xingguo & American AMIGO Orchestra, MRG Magic Circus Family, Brazilian Samba Dance Troupe, Latin Louca Samba Drum Percussion Band, African MANJAGO Drum Band, Environmental Percussion Band LED Magic Drum Show, etc. Show. The "Parent-Child Discovery Theater" launched for the first time introduces foreign original immersive technology dinosaurs to create a parent-child drama "Artist Defense Team - Dinosaur Rebirth". The gorgeous and varied stage effects will surely bring the audience an unprecedented sensory feast. Dinosaurs and actors will also interact closely with tourists at the carnival parade in the park!

  The night scene of this year's Children's Play Festival is also very interesting. The entrance plane LED screen has a stunning 3D animation. The "Space-Time Explorer" is decorated with lights at night, like a spaceship about to take off; and the country's first high-altitude three-dimensional light and water dance show was launched. , O-shaped water dance show with colorful lights, showing the perfect artistic combination of water and lights, as well as the 360-degree imaging screen of the sky tower at the commanding height of the park, the bright glare show at night is colorful and dazzling. Coupled with technological lighting, the entire district creates a very mysterious photosensitive environment at night. Walking through the vast sea of ​​lights, with the different interstellar themed lighting and lighting corridors in the park, you can take a time and space trip of "light".

   The 2022 Yilan International Children's Art Festival will be held from July 2nd to August 14th. The park will open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm every day. The epidemic prevention measures will be adjusted according to the latest epidemic prevention regulations of the Central Epidemic Command Center. Check the Children's Fun Festival Facebook and the Children's Fun Festival official website.