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Lanyang’s Shellfish Show - Yilan Shellfish Special Exhibition

Date: 2022-04-22    

special shell @lanyang(蘭陽貝秀)


  The exhibition includes five themes, including "The World of Shellfish", "The Shellfish in Lanyang", "Seeing the World of Shellfish", "The Shellfish and People" and "The World of Shellfish". Species, long-haired snails, Taiwan's largest and smallest snails, and extinct shellfish, 915 special or story shellfish specimens.

  The relationship between people and shells began in prehistoric times. In addition to eating, they would also be used as utensils, tools or accessories, and even used as currency. Therefore, in the development of writing, the characters of radical shells are mostly related to buying and selling. The waters around Yilan are important fishing grounds in Taiwan. From the Daxi Fishing Port in the north to the Nanfangao Fishing Port in the south, not only a large number of fish have landed, but the shellfish caught in the catch is also a treasure for researchers. Pickled oysters, snails with garlic, small rolls of rice noodles, five-flavored flower branches, oyster noodles, octopus balls, grilled squid, grilled snails and white wine mussels in French cuisine are all "shellfish". In addition to fish, shellfish are the most consumed aquatic products. Welcome to Lanyang Museum to explore these familiar and unfamiliar species.

  The design concept of the exhibition integrates the local shellfish in Yilan into the natural scenes of mountains, plains and seas, allowing the audience to become a citizen scientist for a day, learning field research, collecting and understanding shellfish, and observing the three ecological tanks of seawater, freshwater and land shellfish. Shellfish, review the relationship between shellfish and people and learn through interactive play. After viewing the exhibition, you can learn to distinguish the left and right shells of squid, flower branches and bivalve shells; avoid the taboos of mutual growth and mutual restraint of mollusk food; tell the proverb and allusions of "one and two, touch the crimson and wash the pants"; know the sound of the snail The relationship between you and you; you can enjoy a full set of Taiwanese shell stamps and precious original pictures at one time, and finally you can take a photo with "The Birth of Venus"! The exhibition will last until November 15, 2011. Tickets for the special exhibition are only 30 yuan, and Yilan County students can visit for free. Lanyang Museum opening hours: 9:00~17:00 daily (closed on Wednesdays).

Presenter: Lanyang Museum
Active Township City:Toucheng Township
Venue: Special Exhibition Hall, 1st Floor, Lanyang Museum
Address: No. 750, Section 3, Qingyun Road, Toucheng Town, Yilan County
Ticket price: 30 yuan for the full ticket
Contact Unit: Lanyang Museum*Jian Shijie

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