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"Playing with the Beauty of Hanben - National Blihun Hanben Archaeological Site" Theme Exhibition

Date: 2022-11-22    


Exhibition date: 2022.10.21 (Fri)-2023.4.30 (Sun)
Exhibition time: 09:00-17:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
Exhibition location: Children's Archaeological Exploration Hall of Lanyang Museum

  Thousands, thousands of years ago, who worked on this land? Archaeologists, like detectives, open up the history under the ground. Through the investigation and peeling off of the relics and relics under the ground, they piece together a rich picture of the life of prehistoric humans. Diverse and splendid cultures from all over the world.


 There are currently 11 nationally designated archaeological sites in Taiwan, which represent the important connotations of Taiwan’s prehistoric development. The archaeological sites bury the life and culture of the ancestors. Through the excavation and research of archaeological sites, people can get closer to what happened in this land in the past. In Yilan County, there are 5 archaeological rescue and excavation sites in recent years (Dazhuwei Site, Marushan Archaeological Site, Qiwulan Site, Yilan Agricultural School Site, Blihun Hanben Archaeological Site), and the archaeological sites are being threatened and challenged. The archaeological site was rescued and excavated due to traffic construction, and the Maruyama archaeological site was designated as the eighth and ninth national archaeological site respectively because of the construction of the cemetery and the bone tower.


 In prehistoric times, the national Blihun Hanben archaeological site lived a group of sea people who were good at sailing and merchants. They relied on trade from south to north and exquisite craftsmanship to create millennia of prosperity and splendid culture. The Maruyama people at the Guoding Maruyama archaeological site used local or nearby materials to make very exquisite stone tools, special porous shapes, and unearthed various jade tools and decorations. It can be seen that the Maruyama people were a group of good at utilizing resources and Not limited to the Lanyang area, it is more likely to have close exchanges with people in eastern Taiwan through exchanges and other behaviors.


 Now follow us to learn how to be a warrior from Han people and Maruyama people, and explore how prehistoric humans transformed craft achievements into spiritual culture!


Details of the exhibition: Lanyang Museum official website