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2023 Lanyang Mazu Cultural Festival

Date: 2023-09-14    

2023 Lanyang Mazu Cultural Festival

  Yilan County's annual religious celebration "2023 Lanyang Mazu Cultural Festival" will be held on September 22, 23 and 24. In order to invite people from all over the country to participate, the Yilan County Government has specially planned a number of exclusive promotions. County Magistrate Lin Zhimiao also announced that the "Stamp Collection Fun" event will launch "Event Commemorative Hats" for redemption, and this year the "Hsinchu Ship" will once again be invited to serve as a maritime guard. It is open to the public to board the ship and visit, and everyone is invited to follow Mazu around the territory!


  In order to thank the people across the country for their support, the county government launched the "Event Commemorative Hat" with extra special benefits. On the first day of the event, a limited number of 600 stamp cards will be distributed at the Wushi Port Stamp Collection Information Counter in Toucheng from 11 to 13 o'clock. Participants can participate in the whole process during the tour. If you collect 5 commemorative medals, you can go to Amaterasu Shrine at noon on the third day to exchange the card for a commemorative hat.


  The Yilan County Government and the Marine Patrol Office of the Ocean Commission have once again joined hands, and the 4,000-ton coastal patrol ship "Hsinchu Ship" once again participated in the border circumnavigation and took on the task of guarding the maritime border circumference. The ship will be berthed at Pier 13 of Suao Port from 2 to 5 pm on the day before the circumnavigation (the 21st) and will be open to the public for viewing. The public is invited to seize the opportunity.


  County Magistrate Lin pointed out that this year the county government has joined hands with the main worship temple Nanfang'ao Nantian Palace to launch a number of exclusive products, hoping to invite more people to come to Yilan to experience the unique religious culture. They will not only go on a boat trip with Mazu, but also Walk around Lanyang with Mazu’s feet. Please check the [2023 Lanyang Mazu Cultural Festival] Facebook fan page for event details.