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2023 Yilan Green Expo

Date: 2023-04-14    

2023 Yilan Green Expo

  The 2023 Yilan Green Expo was grandly opened on March 31, and this year's theme is "Save the Future Apocalypse". This environmental drama follows the "Hanji Tadpole's Time and Space Illusion Journey" staged at Hope Castle in 2021, and the "Permanent Legend of Fantasy Island" staged at 2022 Fantasy Island. Reality spans time and space, showing that as long as each of us accumulates small efforts in our daily life, it will eventually trickle into a river and form a huge force to turn the tide and save the future.

  [Save the Future] Dingmu drama is supervised by Contemporary Orchestra, with Xu Haoxiang as the chief director, integrating scriptwriter Su Da, visual animation designer Qiu Huansheng, drama music designer Li Zonghan, costume designer Wei Ziyuan, choreographer Lu Wenshan and many other excellent artistic creations co-produced by the author, and tailor-made the unique "Game Interaction Breakthrough Parent-child Theater", so that parents, students and tourists watching the scene can interact and break through the levels in the plot that combines global warming and the increasingly serious pollution crisis. Learning about the friendly environment through experience and understanding the natural ecology through leisure is the characteristic of Lvbo, which is both educational and entertaining. It is hoped that through performance and visual art, people's awareness of environmental protection will be awakened in people's hearts, and we will work together to move towards a better and sustainable future.

  With the theme of "Our Common Future" this year, the 2023 Yilan Green Expo will build a new "Sustainability Maze" in the "Suao Wulaokeng Scenic Area". There is a total of 1 set of reality in the maze Puzzle game - Kyle's road to eternity, in addition to 2 small mazes of Kyle, and 3 game experience areas including flying bounce, rainbow slide and garden roller coaster, as well as dream stage, farm set City, Green Restaurant, Miz Travel, Qinxi Experience Zone, Kameng Ring Forest Adventure, Kawaii Animal Zone, Harmony Forest, Yilan Sustainable Development Special Exhibition, Aneng Manufacturing Institute, Koro Kingdom , Shatoyama Club, Agricultural Experimental School, Fangji's Secret Dungeon, Face to Face with Fish, Emalu Discovery Area, etc. 16 environmental sustainable exhibition halls, and 17 interactive treasure chest installation art linking SDGs sustainable knowledge , every exhibition area and every facility is not only fun, but also contains knowledge about sustainable tourism, sustainable diet, sustainable ocean, sustainable agriculture, sustainable energy, etc. Learn to build a sustainable and better future in a fun atmosphere.

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