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2020 Yilan Fun Game Night Park Opened on July 18th

Date: 2020-07-18    



Taiwan’s Professional Groups(國內專業亮點團隊)  Introduction


☆ Ten Drum Art Percussion Group(十鼓擊樂團)

Yilan Fun Game Night Park will open with a performance by “Ten Drum Art Percussion Group” - once nominated by the Golden Melody Awards, Grammy Awards, and the Independent Awards. Established in 2000, the “Ten” in its name in Chinese writing (十) represents the overlapping of drumsticks integrated with the power of unity. The Group positions themselves as traditional local percussion artists, hoping that Taiwanese people will show more interest in traditional drumming. At the same time the Group is also working on creating a bustling, diverse, localized, cutting-edge drumming culture style for Taiwan. It is also their aim to make Taiwan a world famous “Island of Drumming.”

☆ J. Andes(安地斯樂團)

Coming from Bolivia, South America, J. Andes is composed of a number of musicians, with their dedication to music averaging over 20 years. Juan, the leader of the Group, is married to a Taiwanese; he currently lives in Taiwan because he loves the Taiwanese culture. With clear voices and harmony, the Band plays the highland music of the Andes with fast Samba music accompanied by the unique yet, energetic sound of the tarka (traditional Bolivian flute), solid tone of the siku (panpipe), traditional Inca drum and South America’s charangos (10 string guitar) The mysterious sensation hidden within the melody takes you straight to the Andes.

☆ Makapahay(瑪嘎巴嗨文化藝術團)

“Makapahay” is made up of a group of ingenious people – the Amis of Hualien and Taitung who now reside in Yilan. They hope to promote and preserve the beautiful traditional culture of the Amis further afield. What is more important is the music and dance of ingenuous people that is powerful and charming and can be passed down from generation to generation. Adhering to the belief of “passing down,” “Makapahay” shows the audience that they really enjoy what they do by producing their best performance on stage, showcasing the passion and vitality of the Amis which is always well received by the public.

☆ The Lan Yang Dancers(蘭陽舞蹈團)

Upholding the spirit of preserving the essence and promoting folk dance, a Catholic priest, Gian Carlo Michelini founded the “Lan Yang Dancers” in 1966. Using the “Taiwan Life” as its material, a variety of diverse dance works have been created, giving folk music a new chapter of life. The Dance Group is also dedicated to the promotion of art education so as to take root for cultural inheritance. Not only does

the Dance Group perform all over Taiwan, it also shows off its outstanding dance moves around the world, broadcasting the beauty of art.

☆ Sun Son Theatre(身聲劇場)

Formed in 1998, the “Sun Son Theatre” brings together experienced performers with a wide range of talent in acting, music, and dance. The initial power of the body and sound is discovered in the form of “collective creation,” and aesthetics of modern theater are created through experiments of different ancient cultural techniques. The “Any Beat” act performed by the Sun Son Theatre shows the audience common recyclables we encounter in our daily lives. These recyclables are made into instruments for the creation of charming and fun beats by the Band. A great deal of dramatic mime and interactive games are integrated into the act, inviting the audience to join in the fun of the relaxed and cheerful percussion music.


☆ The Wanted(尋人啟事人聲樂團)

Founded in 2014, “The Wanted” has been crowned many times internationally as a cappella champions. In 2016, they won first place in the International A Cappella competition in the US, which gained them the title of “Taiwan’s version of Pitch Perfect.” The Wanted is famous for turning popular songs into pure singing, which is widely recognized on online platforms. The stereotype definition of “a cappella music meaning covering songs” does not apply to “The Wanted.” They have created and released several songs written themselves which are available on streaming music platforms. As a means to add more diversity and creativity into their performances, they have also choreographed dance moves. The core of their act is based on “voices” which has enabled them to expand external music possibilities.

☆ Hi Five(Hi Five樂團)

As the name suggests, “Hi Five” guarantees fun in all events and places! Formed by a number of talented artists, “Hi Five” has vast experience in performing in large events around the world and across Taiwan. Their performance opens with an elegant style of singing and dancing; the refreshing new sensory feast makes you feel as if you are in an international professional exhibition hall. With their act containing both elegant and energetic singing and dancing, interaction with audiences are guaranteed, making the entire place come alive!


The Waterworld(水世界奇遇記) Introduction

The story of the “Waterworld” describes a Monster that comes from a faraway universe who constantly wrecks the water resources and ecological systems of the

Earth; the creator of the water source - the “Mercury” comes to the Earth to seek the “Energy Gem” alongside human beings. After an experience of adventure full of excitement, the Monster is eventually destroyed and the Earth is back to its original form of green and blue beauty. A celebration is then held and human beings are reminded again to cherish Planet Earth.

Performance Group: ☆ Fervor Taiwan(藝想台灣劇團)

Bringing together a new generation of performing artists, including the best street dancers, acrobats, martial artists, music and visual performances Taiwan has to offer. Presenting diversification, Fervor Taiwan was the first professional performance group that was crowned the champion in a Chinese talent show. “Fervor,” originated from the island of Taiwan. The word refers to different ethnic groups, cultures, customs and habits, and is nurtured with different elements and contents. Through a combination of art and imagination, the actors tell stories about Taiwan while presenting Taiwanese art. It has added a breath of fresh air and new style to traditional culture, demonstrating enthusiasm and loyalty for Taiwan.