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2022 Winter Love Lanyang Hot Spring Season Opens with Enthusiasm

Date: 2022-12-05    


  The weather suddenly turns cold, and the chilly temperature gradually drops. Soaking in the warm hot springs at this time will not only warm the body and mind, activate the muscles and bones, but also completely relax the tired body and mind. It is definitely the ultimate enjoyment and the best choice for Chinese people to escape from the cold.


  The "2022 Winter Love Lanyang Hot Spring Season" has planned many exciting series of activities, including "Happy Street Strolling", "Hot Spring Concert", and "Hot Spring Food and Travel Exhibition" next to Tangweigou Park in Jiaoxi. Among them, from December 5th to 9th and December 11th, the "Happy Little Street Strolling" event will be held. The team will gather at the intersection of Xinyi Road and Ren'ai Road in Jiaoxi, dancing enthusiastically and unrestrainedly, accompanied by the theme floats and even cars of the hot spring season , Carnival with the public and tourists under the charm of light and shadow. December 10th will be the "Hot Spring Concert", which will be staged at 7:00 p.m. on Wenquan Road and Jiankang Road. The former "Ozone", the sci-fi girl group "HUR" and the original music singer-songwriter "Ai Rui" gave enthusiastic performances.


  The 2022 Winter Love Lanyang Hot Spring Season event venue is decorated with exclusive event lighting to light up the night sky of the event and attract tourists to stop. The lighting plan especially uses music and dreams as design elements. There are two snow-capped giants with a length of 9 meters and 6.5 meters holding musical instruments, and musical elves holding various musical instruments, playing and interpreting the dream song exclusive to Lanyang. Show off the warm vibe of this year's spa season. The hot spring fish in the air and in the water lead the tourists to the park. The giants and giants are located in the high-foot bathing pool. Listen to the music elves holding various musical instruments and perform soft and elegant music. The atmosphere is warm and the light and shadow are swaying. . Once again, tourists from all over the world are invited to participate in the 2022 Winter Love Lanyang Hot Spring Season, and come to Jiaoxi for a small trip to warm the body and mind.


  2022 Winter Love Lanyang Hot Spring Season Big Giant Lighting Exhibition Time: 111/11/29~112/2/5 every evening from 5:30-11:00. For the relevant content of the event, please refer to the official website of the event: